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1000s of Genuine Parts In Stock Authorised Ingersoll Rand distributors Experts since 1992

Service and Maintenance

Sales & Hire

We carry a large stock of new and used compressors, dryers and associated equipment.

We also have a fleet of portable diesel compressors available for sale and hire.

Ranging from 2kw and above we can supply a quick and ideal short term solution to meet your air demands.

As well as being able to supply compressors we can also supply dryers, filters and air receivers.

Sales & Hire

Service & Maintenance

Our 24 hour, 7 day a week service can be tailored to your specific compressed air requirements and is supported by large stocks of compressor parts and accessories.

We service, repair and maintain all types of Ingersoll Rand compressors as well as many other brands. As Ingersoll Rand distributors we stock thousands of maintenance parts for all machines and critical parts for all machines.

Maintenance is very important when it comes to reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness so we ensure a premium service. We service, change and look after pneumatic equipment, condensate separation systems and airline filters.

Also as an authorised Ingersoll Rand dealer we can provide parts and carry out any warranty repair work to Ingersoll Rand machines.

Service & Maintenance


Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to install all types of compressors, pneumatic equipment, air treatment products and airline systems.

We do large and small pipework installations, whether they are additions to existing pipework or a brand new systems.

We can use a variety of installation techniques includinding galvanised tube and fittings as well as Ingersoll Rands SimplAir compressed air piping all to suit the customers exact speciation’s and needs.